F I N D  A  G R O U P  C L A S S  F O R  Y O U  

Our classes are choreographed to include something for everyone, from beginners to advance and everything in between. And if you share a love for Bruce Lee like we do, then the names of the classes may ring a bell...

The reason we teach set sequences, is so you are able to monitor your own progression through your practise, although we do also offer freestyle class, for the wild freestyling yogi in you

This class is all about connecting breathe to movement.
Moving through a vinyasa flow. Using the breathe and music to connect the body, to create a moving meditation.

Main Benefits: Flexibility, connecting with breathe, movement, balance, toning, strength, mind control

Level: Beginner - Advance
This class only run during peak heat of the day 'Dragon's heat',in an eco dome. This is a dynamic vinyasa flow practise, and is designed to use the natural heat of the day, to heat up the body fast, so you are able to get into postures deeper, at the same time challenge the mind, and strengthening through the body.

Main Benefits:
Toning, hip-opening, core strengthening, flexibility, mind strengthening

Level: Beginners - Advance
This class is choreographed to incorporate lots of balancing postures, heart openers, back bends and arm balances.
Not for the faint hearted, but for the determined, adventurous being, who is looking to advance in their practise, and wanting to see results quickly.

Main Benefit: Balance, strength, core strength, flexibility, focus

Level: Beginners - Advance
A freestyle class, learning about connecting the body to music, and letting go, freestyle movements through a vinyasa.
Taken from the theory of Somatic Dance, free movement to music.
Carefully selected playlists.

Main Benefits: Flexibility, balance, expression, letting go, toning.

Level: Beginner - Advance
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We believe in offering as much adjustment that is needed to help you understand your body and guide you into the correct postures. We teach you about the personal anatomy of your body and an overall understanding of how the body works.

Our teachers are able to read your body and offer you what we feel is right to progress within your yoga. All our classes are open to beginners through to advance yogis and are open creative, fun spaces where there is no judgment or expectation.


Music is at the heart of Ibiza and is integral to our yoga classes. We have tapped into our musical ear and carefully selected playlists to fit the style of yoga being practised. Our love for music is shared through our classes and all of our playlists are free to obtain through the website.


Our classes are taught with welcoming smiles, a sincere passion for teaching and the determination to better you in your practise. We make sure that our classes are fun and taught by teachers who know how to have a good time and don't take themselves too seriously. Life is for living!


Private classes are taught either one-on-one or small groups. We can come to your villa or chosen location or we can suggest a location suitable to you and your group


Click HERE for more information on the benefits of private classes

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