C H E F S  K A Y A K  C I N E M A  M A S S A G E  C O C K T A I L S  O P R A  S W I M  H E A L  S U N S E T  H I K E

What do we mean by

'N O T  J U S T  Y O G A'

We are an innovative yoga company for the forward thinking, open-minded, adventurous person in search of ´Not Just Yoga´.

Our slogan is everything we are about, and is how we are able to find B A L A N C E in our everyday lives.

Ever wanted to experience something different, something that makes you feel alive?

We have created some of the most unforgettable experiences sure to open your eyes and mind to the natural world, while helping change your perspective on your surroundings by connecting through nature.

Paddle board across the wide Mediterranean Sea while the Balearic sun beams it´s rays, warming you.

Dive into it´s depths and snorkel amongst the fish.

Dine under the stars, while being serenaded by the beautiful sounds of live opera.

All in locations unknown and remote, places with no footprints, where many have not witnessed.

´In search of balance, we must recharge in the sun, hydrate in the ocean, grow in exploring, dance the night away, love hard and laugh until we cry.

Until we have experienced these things, surely we haven´t lived.´

B A L E A R I C  Y O G A was created from our love of these  4 E L E M E N T S 


and with these elements in mind we have brought them together to form

N O T  J U S T  Y O G A where we offer you an array of bespoke activities, experiences, retreats, packages and much more to suit all your needs and budgets.

It's simple you tell us what you are looking for, and we will tailor your experience into an unforgettable adventure.

F O L L O W / L I K E / C O N T A C T
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