´Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?´

Mary Oliver

4  E L E M E N T S  &

W H O  I S  B E H I N D  T H E M

M O V E M E N T | A D V E N T U R E | W A T E R  | M U S I C 

We believe very strongly in focusing on your passions and loves in life.

In a mind of a creative we usually have many, and sometimes can't find away to express all. We are here to show you, you can! 

Balearic Yoga is made up of 5 elements, all taken from the love and passions that have shaped our being, and driven us to what we are now. Balearic Yoga would not be who they are today, without these elements and we would like to share them with you. 

W H O  I S  B E H I N D 

B A L E A R I C  Y O G A 

´N O Y  J U S T  Y O G A´

A N D  W H Y  T H E S E  4  E L E M E N T S  M E A N  S O  M U C H...

Since a young age Lisa Shaw always had a sense for exploration, something of the unknown as to where she was able to connect with our natural surroundings and find ways to explore them via land and sea.

As a yoga teacher, dancer, choreographer, surfer, open-water swimmer, music lover and with a real passion for adventure, Lisa took what she feels brings peace, happiness and balance and carefully blended all 4 elements together to create this innovated, forward thinking company.

Balearic Yoga offers a way for people to feel fully relaxed and emerged into the tranquil surroundings that Ibiza offers and Lisa likes to help you to understand the importance of the connection between man and nature, guiding you to see the world through a different perspective.

Whether you are wanting to heal, disconnect, explore, live or relax we offer a balance of all. We like to share our passion for the island while showing you how you can find balance through wellness, adventure and fun, let us lead you into an unforgettable experience, we care to care.

 ´Always look for that part of you that reminds you, you are here.

That sunbeam that warmed your face before you grew cold.

The bird that playfully crossed into your line of sight.

That wind that rattled you awake.

Those few breaths in the morning that make you feel alive.

This is how the greatest if life speaks to us.´ 

With thanks we give to the people who have inspired us to be where we are today

F O L L O W / L I K E / C O N T A C T
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