W H O  W E  A R E 

    B A L E A R I C  Y O G A not just yoga is an Ibiza-based company specialising in combining yoga with other activities to bring you a real sense of exploration, adventure and balance and ensuring you leave feeling part of the island.


              ´We bring together everything that the stunning island of Ibiza embodies – yoga, movement, adventure, the ocean, and music, and most importantly having fun´!


B Y N J Y stands by their belief in the 4 elements that make them who they are 

M O V E M E N T  A D V E N T U R E  W A T E R  M U S I C

and with these elements in mind we have found a way to show you how you can have more out of your time on the island by choosing from either our 'Tailor My Retreat' as to where we personalise a retreat just for you and whoever you decide to share your experience with. Just tell us what you would like from villas, to hotels, to private drivers, private chefs, wild swimming, secret restaurants, organised nights out at Ibiza´s best kept secrets, healing, wellness and of course your daily yoga practise, all brought to you, by us. our brochures will guide you through an array of bespoke options to choose from.

If you are looking for something even more niche then why not choose from our ´Secret Locations´ section, here we offer all the best kept secrets of Ibiza, whether it be kayaking to them, practising yoga in them, dinning under the stars surrounded by them or swimming in their depths, this is sure to be an experience not to be forgotten, shhhh though it´s a secret....


We also understand that escaping from your busy day to day lives in search of an already created experience as to where you can just book without thinking, is as important. If this resonates with you then checkout our Retreats section, offering ´Balearic Yoga´s Sailing & Adventure´ and ´Balearic Yoga Secret Land´ Retreats packed full of goodness, adventure and balance.


Now you have read through what we do, maybe you are inspired to run your own retreat to bring your following of yogis to Ibiza. Not sure where to start? Do not threat, some times we just need a little guidance, and that is where we come in. Our ´Build Your Own Retreat´ section offers a middle ground between you and Ibiza. With a good reputation, the knowledge and services we provide, we are able to help create your dream retreat.

Our Mission 

is to offer a way to find balance through everything you love, infusing fun, adventure, fitness and exploration so you feel you get the most out of the island, leaving you with a real sense of community. There is no better way to experience a place then through the eyes of those who know it inside out and care to care.


What we mean by 'Not Just Yoga?

´ Balance is the key. Too much of any one thing is not always good for you, and not everyone’s passions or hobbies belong to one thing. We are here to offer you more.

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